20 December 2014

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Canadians get bitcoin option for credit card payments

16 December 2014  |  5824 views  |  0 News

Founded by self-proclaimed bitcoin enthusiast, Darwin Ramon, the startup, YesToBitcoins.com now allows users to settle payments on all Canadian credit cards.


Square poaches Visa CMO to lead customer acquisition

10 December 2014  |  3099 views  |  0 News

Square has poached the chief marketing officer of Visa Inc., Kevin Burke, to head up 'customer acquisition' across the company's portfolio of payments products.


Russia's National Payment System gears up for pilot

09 December 2014  |  4977 views  |  0 News

Several Russian banks, including some subject to Western sanctions, will next week begin testing the country's new card payments system, designed to take on Visa and MasterCard.


Pasha Bank implements Tieto contactless card suite

01 December 2014  |  1637 views  |  0 Company announcement

Tieto has implemented Card Suite contactless solution for acquiring and issuance of VISA and MasterCard payment cards, as well as completed certification project for PASHA Bank in Azerbaijan.


Monitise gets £49.2 million boost from Santander, Telefonica and IBM

27 November 2014  |  12992 views  |  1 News

Santander, Telefonica and MasterCard are to invest £49.2 million in Monitise, providing a welcome boost to the London-based mobile money outfit after Visa decided to sell off its stake in the company.


Discover fires lawsuit alleging anti-competitive practices at Visa

26 November 2014  |  3956 views  |  3 News

Discover has filed a lawsuit accusing rival card scheme Visa of anti-competitve practices in its debit card business.


Visa Inc frets over $10 billion price tag on European brand

24 November 2014  |  11775 views  |  0 News

Visa Inc says that it may have to find $10 billion to fund the acquisition of Visa Europe should European banks exercise their option to sell the business to its US counterpart.


MasterCard forecasts death of static passwords with 3DS 2.0

13 November 2014  |  10442 views  |  2 News

MasterCard says a forthcoming wholesale upgrade of the 3DSecure protocol for authenticating online transactions will pave the way for the introduction of more secure biometric and token-based prompts and the ultimate eradication of static passwords.


US Bank brings Visa corporate payment service to Europe

04 November 2014  |  1029 views  |  0 Company announcement

U.S. Bank is expanding its card-based and cardless corporate payment solutions to Europe. In partnership with Visa, the bank will be the first in Europe to offer Visa Payables Automation, Visa’s paperless electronic payment service that replaces checks, eliminates tedious processing work and can improve an organization’s cash flow by extending credit by more than seven weeks. The bank will also begin offering corporate purchasing cards in Europe.


Visa and MasterCard bow to Canadian pressure for lower interchange fees

04 November 2014  |  6511 views  |  1 News

Visa and MasterCard have finally caved in to pressure from Canadian competition authorities and agreed to set a 1.5% ceiling on interchange rates in the country for the next five years.

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