25 October 2014

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Half of US POS terminals to accept chip cards by end of 2015

17 October 2014  |  5319 views  |  2 News

Nearly half of US merchant terminals will accept EMV chip card payments by the end of next year, according to a trade body set up to push the migration from magstripe plastic.


Visa and MasterCard face scrutiny by new UK watchdog

14 October 2014  |  7226 views  |  0 News

The UK government is planning to put supervision of MasterCard and Visa alongside the country's main interbank payment systems into the hands of a new Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), whose chief remit is to inject more competition into the country's payments industry.


Visa to bring card linked offers to Europe

13 October 2014  |  4536 views  |  2 News

Visa Europe is to move into the card linked offers business through a partnership with US-based Edo Interactive.


Visa Europe mobile director joins Apple

25 September 2014  |  8727 views  |  12 News

Visa Europe's director of mobile, Mary Carol Harris, has jumped ship to join Apple, where she will lead the firm's push into the mobile payments sector on the continent.


Visa creates 2000 full-time tech jobs

24 September 2014  |  4381 views  |  0 News

Visa is ramping up its tech investment, creating 2000 full-time technologist positions and opening a development centre in India.


Mobile contactless payments by the next generation

23 September 2014  |  2632 views  |  0 Video

Four international students experience Visa mobile contactless payments in London, and report back to Visa. Watch how they get on and what they tell Visa Europe executives.


ID Tech UniPay gets Visa Ready approval

19 September 2014  |  1542 views  |  0 Company announcement

ID Tech, a leading manufacturer of secure payment solutions, mobile payment, point of sale, and digital signage, is proud to announce its third mobile solution, the UniPay, to be included in the Visa Ready Program.


Monitise shares plunge as Visa ponders stake sell-off

18 September 2014  |  4296 views  |  1 News

Shares in Monitise plummeted more than 25% in morning trading on news that Visa is "considering its options" on its 5.5% stake in the mobile money firm.


Visa tops up litigation escrow account to the tune of $450 million

12 September 2014  |  1467 views  |  0 Company announcement

Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) today announced it had decided to deposit $450 million (the "Loss Funds") into the litigation escrow account previously established under the Company's retrospective responsibility plan (the "Plan").


Visa begins tokenisation roll out

10 September 2014  |  8749 views  |  12 News

Visa has taken advantage of the hoopla surrounding Apple's application of digital account tokens to replace card numbers for online and mobile purchasing by initiating the roll out of its Token Service to US clients.

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