22 October 2014

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Apple Pay launches

20 October 2014  |  4386 views  |  1 News

Apple Pay enjoyed a relatively smooth launch in the US today, with customers of some of the country's biggest banks able to use their iPhones to make purchases at a host of bricks-and-mortar and virtual stores.


Half of US POS terminals to accept chip cards by end of 2015

17 October 2014  |  4797 views  |  2 News

Nearly half of US merchant terminals will accept EMV chip card payments by the end of next year, according to a trade body set up to push the migration from magstripe plastic.


Major banks sign up for Isda too-big-to-fail protocol

13 October 2014  |  1499 views  |  0 Company announcement

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA) today announced that 18 major global banks (G-18) have agreed to sign a new ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol, which has been developed in coordination with the Financial Stability Board to support cross-border resolution and reduce systemic risk.


Accenture brings Fintech Innovation Lab to Dublin

09 October 2014  |  6461 views  |  0 News

Accenture's Fintech Innovation Lab is landing in Ireland, with banking and tech giants throwing their weight behind the Dublin-based accelerator programme.


Are intraday liquidity management and real time payments at odds?

08 October 2014  |  2862 views  |  1 Video

Ruth Wandhöfer, Citi Global Transaction Services Head of Regulatory & Market Strategy in EMEA, Citi talks about the debate around intraday liquidity and real-time payments at Sibos.


Citi launches TreasuryVision Liquidity Manager analytics tool

07 October 2014  |  1321 views  |  0 Company announcement

Citi launches its TreasuryVision® Liquidity Manager, a key component of Citi's TreasuryVision Analytics toolkit providing interactive balance visibility via the CitiDirect online banking platform.


Citi looks to tech and non-profits to drive financial inclusion; Gates talks bitcoin and biometrics

03 October 2014  |  6910 views  |  1 News

Citi is working with non-profit organisation Catalyst Miami on a tech-based financial inclusion programme that it believes could be replicated across the country.


MasterCard unveils tool to tackle cyber threat

02 October 2014  |  7724 views  |  0 News

With the huge data breaches at Target and Home Depot fresh in the memory, MasterCard has launched a tool designed to protect against cyber attacks on banks and processors.


Citi opens tech-packed San Francisco flagship branch

01 October 2014  |  2289 views  |  0 Company announcement

Citibank today celebrated the opening of its latest flagship branch in the heart of San Francisco. The 6,400-square-foot branch, located at the corner of Post and Kearny Streets in the city's financial district, features Citi 'smart banking' technology in addition to the full range of Citi products and services.


Wall Street firms take on Bloomberg with new messaging platform

01 October 2014  |  4041 views  |  0 News

A group of Wall Street firms, led by Goldman Sachs, has acquired instant messaging outfit Perzo and set up a new company to help them break free of their reliance on Bloomberg.

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