24 July 2014

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Bitcoin not a threat to banking system...yet

20 May 2014  |  5021 views  |  0 News

Bitcoin is still more of a curiosity than a threat to the banking system but in the long term the crypto-currency could have a pronounced impact on payments, according to a group of advisers to the US Federal Reserve.


Cash is here to stay says US Federal Reserve

30 April 2014  |  4013 views  |  5 News

While Finextra Future Money delegates debate the future of cash and the UK's Halifax predicts its slow decline, the Federal Reserve Banks release fresh data which shows that US consumers choose to use notes and coins more frequently than any other payment instrument, including debit or credit cards


Americans switch from cheques to cards - Fed

25 April 2014  |  5677 views  |  4 News

Card payments have soared in popularity in the US over the last 10 years and now account for more than two thirds of all non-cash payments, according to Federal Reserve figures.


The future of cash? It's all in the data

04 April 2014  |  5273 views  |  0 Research

This paper from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond uses transaction-level data from a large discount chain together with zip-code-level explanatory variables to learn about consumer payment choices across size of transaction, location, and time.


Consumers increasingly sceptical of m-banking benefits - Fed

28 March 2014  |  3009 views  |  0 Company announcement

The use of mobile phones to access a bank account, credit card, or other financial account continued to increase in prevalence among adults in the United States last year, according to the Federal Reserve Board's latest report on the use of mobile financial services.


Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy protection; Yellen says Fed has no authority to regulate bitcoin

28 February 2014  |  3892 views  |  1 News

Mt. Gox has filed for bankruptcy protection, a lawyer for the beleaguered bitcoin exchange told a news conference today. Meanwhile, new Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen has said that the central bank has no authority to regulate the crypto-currency.


Brit charged with hacking US Fed's computer servers

28 February 2014  |  2257 views  |  0 News

A British man has been charged with hacking into the US Federal Reserve computer servers, stealing the personal information of users and publishing it online.


New regs could see banks follow JP Morgan out of US pre-paid market - Fitch

14 February 2014  |  4869 views  |  1 News

US banks could follow JP Morgan's lead and get out of the pre-paid card business if proposed new regulatory oversight materialises, leaving the way open for the likes of American Express and Green Dot, predicts Fitch Ratings.


US Federal Reserve pushes ahead with Faster Payments planning

05 February 2014  |  6236 views  |  8 News

The US Federal Reserve Board is pushing ahead with plans to further the introduction of faster retail payments as part of a broad effort to modernise the country's payments infrastructure.


Philadelphia Fed hosts meeting on new standards for chip card payments in US

16 January 2014  |  783 views  |  0 Company announcement

Twelve AMTIA members were among more than 50 exclusive guests attending an invitation only meeting hosted jointly by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and the X9 Accredited Standards Committee.

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