26 November 2014

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Swipp, a mobile payments service owned by a consortium of Danish banks, has acquired Paii, a rival outfit formed by a group of telcos.

Much derided mobile payments startup Clinkle has unveiled its customer acquisition strategy: bribing students with $20 bills from a vending machine stuffed with cash.

Discover has filed a lawsuit accusing rival card scheme Visa of anti-competitve practices in its debit card business.

UK transport company FirstGroup has deployed bluetooth low energy beacons on buses in Norwich to deliver messages and discounts from local retailers to passenger smartphones as they travel through the city.

In its latest foray into the commerce sphere, Twitter is testing a feature that lets users add discounts from advertisers on the social network to their payment cards.

Paylib, a PayPal-style online payment system set up last year by French banks, is extending its reach thanks to the addition of Crédit Agricole as a member and a deal with MasterCard that will let people use the service abroad.

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Dutch bank ING is to cut 1700 jobs and spend EUR200 million to simplify and upgrade its IT systems over the next three years.

The FIX trading community has agreed a set of best practices for use of the messaging protocol for the exchange of pre-trade information in the bond market, as banks and asset managers work together to overcome a liquidity shortage in fixed income trading.

NAB has decommissioned 37 legacy servers that supported its old credit risk engine, following the successful roll-out of a new analytics layer as part of the Australian bank’s NextGen programme.

Half of Silicon Valley may be bidding to make it a relic of the past, but the old fashioned leather wallet is getting a new lease of life through a high-tech makeover.

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