31 July 2014

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A marketing campaign in which Canada's TD Bank turned its ATMs into 'Automated Thanking Machines' that distributed gifts to customers has proved a viral hit, racking up more than two million YouTube views in less than a week.

FX risk reduction utility CLS has hired Tom Zschach as its new chief information officer, taking over the reigns from former incumbent Sankar Aiyar, who unexpectedly quit the unit in March, midway through a major IT upgrade.

Exchange operator CME Group has agreed a deal to buy the Trayport and Fenics trading technology units from GFI Group in a deal worth around $655 million.

Square has unveiled plans to launch a chip and signature version of its mPOS dongle as it prepares for America's upcoming switch to EMV.

US Bank is testing a new app which lets fans of the Minnesota Twins baseball team apply for a payments card by snapping a photo of their driver's license.

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Why Google Bank won't happen

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Google won't launch a traditional bank because of the associated costs and regulation, but these hurdles won't stop the firm from redefining the future of financial services, according to a new Forrester report.

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The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has teamed up with six Wall Street banks to launch Clarient Entity Hub, a client data and documentation utility.

More than half of Brits want their banks to integrate fingerprint biometric authentication technology into their digital services, according to a survey.

Japanese gamers can now buy the latest titles on Nintendo's eShop by tapping their contactless payment cards against their Wii U controllers.

PayPal is bringing its Start Tank programme to the UK, inviting the country's tech startups to apply for one of five chances to win a six month stint at its London offices.

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