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Banking Architecture

Founder: Siddharth Udani | 04/09/2008

A community for discussing the latest happenings in banking IT. Credit Crunch impacting Risk Systems overall, revamp of mortgage backed securities, payment transformations, include business, technology, data and systems architecture capturing IT trends, 'what to dos?' concerning design of systems.

74 members

STP (Straight-Through-Processing)

Founder: An ex-member | 22/08/2008

A gathering place to compile various ideas, thoughts, references and commentary from practitioners with interest in STP (Straight-Through-Processing) from Treasury to Capital Markets

12 members

Women in Technology

Founder: Retired Member | 17/03/2008

A community for all professionals in IT dedicated to encouraging and empowering women who are currently working in the technology sector.

14 members

Transaction Fraud Systems and Analysis

Founder: Rich Churchman | 07/02/2008

A community for discussion of Transaction Fraud systems and anlaytical techniques for bank card and financial services organisations.

34 members

Finance 2.0

Founder: Steve Ellis | 24/01/2008

A community for discussing the application of Web 2.0 technologies to financial services.

88 members

Data Management 101

Founder: Gert Raeves | 24/01/2008

A community blog about data and how to manage it

40 members

Online Banking

Founder: Shripad Vaidya | 19/12/2007

This community is for discussion of developments in the e-banking world, including mobile banking. This can include all the functional, business, technical, marketing, web site design, security and other related topics of Internet Banking segment, including public websites of the banks and financial institutions across the globe.

122 members

Hedge Fund Technology

Founder: An ex-member | 05/12/2007

Community for people who work in and service hedge fund Technology, covering everything front office to operations and investor relations

11 members

Innovation in Financial Services

Founder: Elton Cane | 12/11/2007

A discussion of trends in innovation management within financial institutions, and the key processes, technology and cultural shifts driving innovation.

237 members


Founder: Paul Penrose | 24/10/2007

This community space has been established to keep participants up-to-date with Finexpo conference and exhibition news, and as a forum for discussion of the key challenges facing the capital markets industry

23 members
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